I am seeking MSc. students to supervise at DACOM/UTFPR and PhD candidates at PCC-DIN/UEM

I am seeking Graduate students to supervise (Ph.D. in Computer Science   NAU - School of Informatics, Computing, and Cyber Systems)

If you are interested, look at my Research Interests and send me an email.

My current students


Ana Claudia Maciel (PhD student @DIN/UEM - joined in 2021)

  • The role of communication channels in Open Source

Simone de França (PhD. Student @DIN/UEM - supervisor - joined in 2021) 

  • Using gamified worked examples to enhance Software Engineering learning

Bianca Trinkenreich (PhD student @NAU - supervisor - joined Fall 2019)

  • Diversity and Success in Open Source projects 


Luiz Philipe Serrano Alves (MSc. student @DACOM/UTFPR - joined in 2021)

  • Chatbots to support the onboarding of newcomers to OSS

Jordan Vinicius Guimarães (MSc. student @DACOM/UTFPR - joined in 2021)

  • Analysis of developer breaks in OSS projects

Felipe Fronchetti (MSc student @IME/USP - joined in 2018)

  • How newcomer-prone is the documentation available on GitHub: Analysis of CONTRIBUTING.md and README.md



Mairieli Wessel (PhD student @IME/USP - co-supervisor - 2018-2021) - Currently a post-doc @ TUDelft 

  • Perception of software bots on pull requests on social coding environments

Williamson Silva (PhD @UFAM - co-supervisor - 2015-2019) - Currently Assistant Professor @ Unipampa, Alegrete

  • OPENSMALS: Um Repositório Aberto para Auxiliar no Ensino de Modelagem de Software Empregando Estratégias de Aprendizagem Ativa

Jefferson Silva (PhD @IME/USP - co-supervisor - 2015-2019) - Coordinator of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence @ PUC-SP

  • Engagement in Open Source Software Projects via Summer of Code Programs

Alexandre Zanatta (PhD @PUCRS - co-supervisor - 2015-2019) - Currently a faculty member @ Universidade de Passo Fundo

  • Recommendations for crowdworkers to overcome barriers in crowdsourcing software projects


Simone de França (MSc. Student @DIN/UEM - supervisor - 2019)

  • Um Portal para Catalogação de Worked Examples Extraídos de Projetos de Software Livre para Apoiar o Ensino de Engenharia de Software

Marcus Vinícius Bertoncello (MSc. @DIN/UEM - supervisor - 2016-2019)

  • Pesquisa exploratória sobre o perfil e comportamento dos contribuidores casuais no GitHub

Carolina Toscani (MSc. @PUCRS - co-supervisor - 2016-2018)

  • Gamifying the onboarding of newcomers to OSS projects

Anderson Neira (MSc. @DIN/UEM - supervisor - 2016-2018)

  • Investigating profiles of Crowdsourcing developers

João Choma (MSc. @DIN/UEM - co-supervisor - 2015-2017)

  • Software Product Lines


Luiz Felipe Fronchetti (Undergrad)

  • Impact of OSS project migration to social coding environment

Felipe Veiga Ramos (Undergrad)

  • Casual Contributions to Open Source Software projects: what is going on?

Guilherme Castro Diniz and Bruno Mendes de Souza (Undergrad)

  • Gamifying a forge to foster contribution from undergrad students to Open Source projects